Thursday, September 1, 2011

Kolour Your Life!

Finally .. yes finally I have taken the plunge and left the corporate world for the uncertain and exciting life of an entrepreneur. It has taken many years of thinking 'should I or shouldn't I' but i guess the moment had arrived. For the last few months I had my CIO hat on and was building the website . Its an online fashion accessory store which promises to be affordable and fun!
Now I have my CMO hat on and well its time to test if my marketing major at ISB is going to help make a place in the market.
Wish me luck friends and do Visit my fan page on facebook for an opening discount coupon

Will keep you posted on this journey and hope to encourage those of you that are sitting on the shore waiting to sail out.

One does not discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time. ~André Gide

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Let the games begin ..

And no i don't mean the Commonwealth games (i mean its time to start this blog again) cause haven't we all heard just about enough ... My mind has gone into shut down with all the negativity .. some how reminds me of times when the media really snow balled things .. I hope the truth comes out and we can all learn from our mistakes and move on...

Today I decided to book my tickets to two of the events one athletics and the other swimming .. hope to go and cheer on the athlete's and together with them try to (if only for a moment) forget the less than perfect world that we live in and how far the human spirit can go if it tries..

Quite an ironic games, showcasing both the best and worst of human endevours!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The time of my life...

It was more than a year ago that at my orientation week the last class sang us the song 'I hope you have the time of your life' .. Although i had butterflies in my stomach with excitment i can now say that i had no idea just what was in store..

I'm sitting in my sydney bed writting this .. exactly where i started writing my first blog entry from when i got the news that i was about to head to India .. Now i'm an ISB graduate .. what has this really meant for me, things i didn't expect..

* I have new perspective on things .. how the world works and more importantly how it doesn't work...
* I know how much i don't know .. which many say is a good beginning
* I have many many new friends .. from each of these people i have had a chance to learn and grow and i thank each one of them for their friendship
* I know just how much can be achieved in 24 hours (if you don't sleep)
* There are a whole new set of opportunities ..
* I am more aware of my strengths and weaknesses and hope to play these out ..
AND ...
* I believe the the world is my oyster...

So I re-start this blog as i start another journey..

Tomorrow I cross the equator once again from my home in Sydney to India .. this time to Bangalore. I start my first job as MBA in Bangalore on Monday, i'm excited and offcourse a bit anxious. This month at home was spent in the garden attenting to the trees that needed haircuts and trims..I will miss my family and my garden dearly..

For now it's back to India ... Will keep you posted on my new adventure..

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Solstice 2008 .... Backstage

Sorry friends for not blogging from quite some time....The story goes something like this.. For the last couple of months (and over the next month or so) i have been busy organising a three day event here on Campus. It's the ISB Alumni reunion - 'Solstice'

It is hard to imagine the hours of effort that goes into organising an event of this size. It will go for three days and will have close to 1000 people participating.. throughout the three days there are many many fun things planned..
This year we are having to put our blood, sweat and tears into raising funds (yes, raising funds is part of the deal), me and my team really feel the liquidity crisis.
However , organising an event like this is a real life class room and I'm sure one of the greatest experiences me and my team will take with us, so many opportunities to learn and to make friends.

We have to invite a celebrity speaker, try to see if we can get a rock band for a concert and plan many many more activities on a shoe string budget this year..
The theme for this year we have decided is 'Heroes - The homecoming' in times like this we all have to find the hero within ourself (okay okay I now that it is getting a bit mushy)..

There are still a million and one things to do and my day usually starts off with making 10 calls to sponsors and touching base with my team to see just how much work lies ahead for the day.. i quickly run to class try to switch to student mode..see what assignments i need to complete before night fall .. in all of this we continue to see how to push the organising along... just this morning i found out that one of the main venues that we needed was booked for something else.. so there was a lot of running around before that fire was faught... one other sponsorship prospect went from green to red.. not a good feeling but will keep on keeping on :) .. my friends tell me that the only word they hear from my mouth these days is Solstice and that when I have my first kid maybe i should name it Solstice (now thats not funny ;).

The best part is that I have a great team of people and we all lift each others spirits when it all seems like too much to handle.. We are all learning and living it together..

Hope to see all the Alumni fly down this year with their capes on to be part of the event and celebrate with us....

Will keep you posted as the event takes shape....

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Are we there yet...

You hear you mind asking this question again and again while you are sleep deprived.. 'are we there yet' just like you used to ask your mom on those long car journeys.

Well can't believe it but we are half way there.. half of the course is over. The feeling is off relief more so for survival than for anything else. We survived the 4 core terms where we had to do all the subjects, even those that we were not really comfortable with. Looking back it was a great chance to get a flavour all the different avenues we could pursue, from finance to marketing, from operations to public policy..truly was a buffet for the inquisitive mind.

It was sad that we bid our section good by. I will no longer be sitting with Sec C (or section C). I spent the last 6 months with my class of 75, 4 hours each day and many more hours doing assignments. I got to know each one of them and our sections become our comfort zone on campus, something like our extended family. Some of the friends we have made here will be there for a long time.

Also last week was the last assignment with my Study group, the 5 people that i did all my assignments with during the last 6 months. We saw our ups and downs and went through at least 70+ assignments together, lots of late nights and lots of early mornings.. Got to learn a whole lot from each of them.. and off course those end of assignment outings to Punjabi Rasoi for a bit of Dhaba style celebrating will be weird working with a new group come Monday.

We all move on now to our elective terms, where we choose our specialisation. I haven't fully decided mine as i think the choice of my subjects will decide that for me soon. Its exciting in a way, we will get to interact with more people and make more friends...adding to our ISB experience :)... Will keep you posted.

Friday, September 12, 2008

1 overcast Saturday Evening, 2 motorbikes, 3 friends, 4 Minerets , 5 months late....

I have been in hyderabad for over 5 months now and that is how long it has taken me to make my way to the most famous part of town, "Char Minaar" or the Four minerets which are the most prominent icon of Hyderabad. Its the old part of town which is majestic and built in a time when there were kings and queens ..

It was on a overcast saturday evening that me and two other friends decided to make the 20 km trip and get transported into a completely different world.. there began our adventure...

We left at about 6ish in the evening not thinking about the peek traffic we would face and more importantly not really knowing the way to the place.. we figured that we could ask people on the way where Char Minaar was , surely everyone in Hyderabad could point us in the right direction..after close to 45 minutes on the motorbike i noticed out surroundings had changed there was an old world feel now and people were moving at a different pace.. the buildings were looking more ornate, even though they were probably in need of repair .. but i love all things old so it was a treat to my eyes to see the majestic city around me, the hussle and bussle of people and the thousands of lights slowly going on getting ready for the night shoppers..

As we saw the four minerets we all smiled, partly for having made it in one peice and partly for not being disappointed at the site..just beneath it we were stuck in traffic which gave me a good chance to take it in and also look at all the exciting shops around me and all the trinkets.. i ear marked a few for shopping when we found parking ..

We finally found some parking inside a hospital. It was a calm place in the midst of so much activity and you got the best photo opportunity for the char minaar from there .. being the Japanese tourist that i am i made the most of it.

Our obvious next stop was FOOD.. it was everywhere.. hundreds of fruit vendors selling the reddest pomingenates.. we went looking for Haleem thinking that Ramzaan had started.. only to find out that it was still two days away.. although disappointed we thought we would have a glass of the famous lassi and head to the famous Bangle Bazaar..

Girls, if you ever want to go crazy come to this place.. hyderabad's famous bangle bazaar.. there were ladies in burkhas everywhere and shops filled with glittering bangles. Bangles that were full of glittering gems and stones .. i have been to a few shopping places around the world but never have i seen such beautiful bangles.. the catch is though you have to know how to bargain and we soon realised this.. i ended up buying a beautiful maroon bangle set studded with maroon stones.. the shop keeper gave me good wishes too saying now that i have bought the bangles marriage can't be too far away .. ;) ..

The shop keeper gave us the old world hospitality.. insisted that we stay for some special hyderabadi the mean time he told us where we would get the best food in this part of town.. 'Shahdaab'was the place we needed to head to and he gave us the exact order "one plate chicken chilli fry with two naans followed by a mutton biriyani' .. we found and auto and headed directly to the place all the time thinking of the chilli chicken fry and mutton biriyani .. all i can say is when we got there , ordered and ate we were not disappointed at all .. it was by far the best biriyani i have had..we did make the mistake of ordering something that wasn't recomended .. we should have stuck to what the local recomended..

As we headed back the clouds arrived .. and it started pouring .... this was going to be a long journey .. we decided to head back regardless as we had assignments to finish (you must have been wondering what happened to the assignments) .. stuck in traffic with water upto our toes we could do nothing but laugh.. the rain got so heavy we had to take shelter at a local shop.. there were going to be atleast another 2 stops like this.. just as we were about 20 minutes away from home one of our tyres got punctured... we went looking for a puncture man .. his name was mr. Syed who was kind enough to help us out ...

All in all it was a fun day to remember .. and i got a beautiful set of bangles to remember it with.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Food Files I ..

Sorry i've been away for a while .. but before you jump to conclusions about me being lost in books let me set the record straight I was out and about looking for good food.. eating at the dinning hall here at the ISB can get very monotonous, with its exotic dishes like 'yam pudusu' , 'snake bean poriyal' and 'something papu' your mind starts to play games with you. It forces you to ring up a taxi, rush out of class and just head out in search of something that will satisfy the foodie in you.
Lucky for me I have discovered that Hyderabad is a place for foodies like myself.. being a city of so many cultures the variety of food available here is certainly refreshing... So here it goes some of my food adventures so far ..

Stop1: Punjabi Rasoi .. a small family run restaurant on the cross roads near ISB. Anyone who has ever passed out of this school has eaten here. It can also be renamed to TGPR 'thank god its punjabi Rasoi' . It has become the life line for many here on campus, when we want to eat something that will chear us up after a hard night full of group assignments ... in fact to celebrate the submission of a long group assignment me and my group drive down to have some good old tucker at punjabi Rasoi..Great feel good food.
Must Have: Mutton Rara Punjabi- succulant pieces of mutton stir fried in dry spices and served dry.
Mita's Rating: Concept : hmm..survival Food: 3.5/5 Ambiance: 1/5

Stop 2 : BBQ Nation .. a ISB favourite , at any given time you will find atleast 2 tables occupied by your fellow Isbian...
Concept: Taking on from the original Korean table BBQ where in the middle of the table there is a coal BBQ set up on top of which meat is placed and gets cooked fresh in front of you. This restaurant is the Indian Tandoori take on it.. there is a small tandoor in the middle of every table and delicious marinated meats and veggies are brought out 3/4 cooked and placed on the hot tandoor..
What I ate:
Well since this is an all you can eat restaurant (and i come under the profitable clientele category) i tasted just about everything that they brought to the table, first there was chicken tikka, thai fish, tandoori prawns, lamb kebabs, marinated mushrooms, paneer tikka.. if your mouth isn't watering yet please go and see the doctor.
Must Have Gilaffi Naan, a soft semi sweet bread straight from the tandoor with pistachio nuts and almonds. Fish on a skewer , tender marinated fish that melts in your mouth. Make sure you ask for these when you head there.
Mita's Rating: Concept : 5/5 Food: 4/5 Ambiance: 3/5

Bon Appetite...